In Japanese, Shinkara roughly translates to "Heart & Soul." This show is dedicated to showcasing Japanese games full of both. New or old, Taylor let's you know about Japanese games that not only provide hours of fun, but also warm your heart.
Midnight Discussion: Persona 5 Reveal

Minutes after Persona 5 was officially announced Austin and Taylor discussed the potential of the game and the troll-tastic events leading up to its insane reveal. Here are the sleep-deprived results.

Taylor’s Top 10 PS3 Games

With the launch of the PS4 here, Taylor takes some time to reflect on has favorite games on the PS Triple!

Shinkara: Catherine

Who knew pushing and pulling blocks could be so intense?

Shinkara: Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

After running strong for 10 years Nippon Ichi decided to make the first direct sequel in their flagship Disgaea series. Serving as a follow up to the original PS2 classic, Disgaea D2 just might be the best Disgaea yet!

Shinkara: E.X. Troopers

What would you get if you took Lost Planet and gave it a coat of anime paint? You’d get a sweet little game called E.X. Troopers!

Shinkara: Tales of Xillia

After the long wait we finally have Tales of Xillia. Has the wait been worth it? Check out this episode of Shinkara to find out!

Puppeteer Demo Walkthrough

Puppeteer is an upcoming platformer from Sony’s Japan Studio that might be flying under your radar. It’s gorgeous, full of charm, and you need to know about it!

Shinkara: Tales of Vesperia

After a long hiatus Taylor is back to take a look at the first Tales game developed in HD, Tales of Vesperia.

BioShock Infinite in 5 Seconds

Why is everyone raving about BioShock Infinite? Allow Taylor to explain in 5 mind-blowing seconds.

Shinkara: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Ever wondered what the game industry personified as cute anime girls would play like as a game? Probably not, but that’s what Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory is all about!