Doug Walker

That Guy with The Glasses aka Doug Walker is an Internet comedian who typically pokes fun at movies from our childhood on the wildly popular, "Nostalgia Critic". Doug has recently added video gaming to his show subjects starting with his new series, "Videogame Confessions".
Video Game Confessions – Simon Belmont

How dead ARE vampires?

Video Game Confessions: Angry Birds

See the REAL story of the Angry Birds!

Video Game Confessions: Princess Daisy

We all know Princess Daisy, but how much do we REALLY know about her?

Video Game Confessions Ep 14: Bonk

See why both Bonk AND his wife live up to their names in the latest episode of Video Game Confessions!

Blistered Thumbs Announced!

Blistered Thumbs Announced!

Video Game Confessions Ep 13: Chell from Portal

Video Game Confessions: Chell

Video Game Confessions Ep 12: Solid Snake Follow up

Video Game Confessions: Solid Snake (Part 2)

Video Game Confessions Ep 11: Solid Snake

Video Game Confessions: Solid Snake (Part 1)

Video Game Confessions Ep 10: Fox McCloud

Video Game Confessions: Fox McCloud

Video Game Confessions Ep 9: Duke Nukem

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