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Is NES Remix just another slice of empty nostalgia or is there a method to Nintendo's madness?


Can this touch-screen driven, former Vita-exclusive survive the transition to PS4?

“He is the reason I keep my hair short.”

A great comedy that is ultimately let down by weak gameplay.

Here is a game that is truly an original in the best sense of the word.

Its heart is in the right place for sure, but it just feels inferior to other Zelda games.


One-part Zelda, one part Secret of Mana, and one part Etrian Odyssey, this is one action-RPG not to be missed.


A port did nothing to change the heart of this dungeon crawler.


It's a game where ninjas with large breasts fight other ninjas with large breasts. How good can it possibly be?


There is certainly a contrast to this one....


The love you take is equal to the love you make.

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