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Taylor’s love of the PSP flourished during his 1 year stay in South Korea. Whether it be on the subway, bus, or long walks on the beach, the PSP’s allure grew in Taylor’s heart. When he’s not playing games, he enjoys playing the guitar, making videos, and trying to learn the words to various KPOP songs. Favorite game of this generation: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Favorite game of all time: Persona 4.

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Comment on The Temporary End of Blistered Thumbs
No matter what happens, I want to thank all of you that have left a comment here, reached out to ...
Comment on Former THQ President Calls Nintendo "Irrelevant as a Hardware Manufacturer"
God, I hate how this story has spun out of control -__- Watch the video for context if you haven't. ...
Comment on PS4 Sales Continue Soaring Admist Reports of Xbox Black Friday Success
Seriously, it's getting nuts. It'll be interesting to see if either can pass Wii U LTD before the year's over.
Comment on Thumb Wars: Ep 58: Atlus At Last: Persona 5/Q/D Reactions
For the record, Persona 3 gave me trouble BECAUSE YOU CAN'T CONTROL YOUR PARTY. I'd want to exploit weaknesses and ...
Comment on Midnight Discussion: Persona 5 Reveal
Good catch! That's probably right.
Comment on Taylor's Top 10 PS3 Games
I've never played a Metal Gear Solid game. Stealth games aren't really my thing. Although I'm sure MGS4 is a ...
Comment on Taylor's Top 10 PS3 Games
I was shocked at how much people hated that game, lol. To each their own I guess =)
Comment on Taylor's Top 10 PS3 Games
Kylestien's right. Don't tempt me! I'll do it. I SWEAR, I'LL DO IT.
Comment on Shinkara: Catherine
Well there is a an ending where you end up single if that's your thing.