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Comment on The Temporary End of Blistered Thumbs
Wasn't the point of blistered thumbs to keep the gaming-related content of TGWTG's separated from the regular content? I just ...
Comment on Top 5 Reasons I Love Being a Modern Gamer
yeah I was about to comment the same thing, what's going on?
Comment on Square Tones Down Bravely Default for the West
While I'm not exactly pro-censorship... the change really DOES look better to me, a little bit more sensible (if still ridiculous ...
Comment on Report: Penny Arcade Adding "Diversity Lounges" to PAX
As long as I get another Acquisition Incorporated Live D&D show, I will be happy. But yeah this is dumb.
Comment on Xbox One Has Passed the 2 Million Units Sold Mark
To be fair, the ps4 sales numbers are obviously higher now than they were a week ago, which is what ...
Comment on Final Fantasy VIII Released on Steam
"The good final fantasy" So, none of them? (I KEED I KEED)
Comment on Ys: Memories of Celceta Review
The graphics may not be the best on the vita, but god damn are they beautiful. I freaking love the ...
Comment on PS4 Sales Continue Soaring Admist Reports of Xbox Black Friday Success
I think it's safe to say, whether the PS4 has more sales or not, that both consoles of sold a ...
Comment on Sega Open to Letting Atlus Revive Lapsed IP
Oooh the potential for another skies of arcadia? That would be so boss.
Comment on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Continues Series Sale Decline
WAIT. Are you telling me... that people don't like... the final fantasy 13 saga *GIGAGASP* I would hope Square Enix would have known people ...

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