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Comment on Cyberpunk 2077 Shows off its Teaser Trailer
I wish you had posted the official trailer instead of a repost in another youtube channel. The official channel uploaded ...
Comment on Nintendo Land Review
The F-Zero part is single-player only? Dang.
Comment on First Trailer for PSN Exclusive SRPG Rainbow Moon Released
I love me some Strategy RPG on handhelds, maybe I'll extend my interest to the PS3. Don't really like the ...
Comment on Kid Icarus 3DS
Nice review. The chattiness of the characters seems more obnoxious than in Star Fox 64, for example, but I'm sure ...
Comment on GH Weekly News March 11 2012
What is 22cans about? Kind of a vague question I know, but I have no idea what kind of games ...
Comment on Sage Reviews: Mass Effect 3
How about you stop giving terrible advice? He did give plenty of compliments to parts of the game. Just because ...
Comment on Sage Reviews: Asura's Wrath
Review recommendations very rarely apply to every single person that watches/reads. If you feel satisfied, good for you. Reviewers write ...
Comment on 5 Minutes to Burn- 5 Minutes to kill yourself
This is hilarious, thanks for sharing.
Comment on Sage Reviews: Final Fantasy XIII-2
The plot reminds me of Chrono Trigger somewhat, except I guess the main villain travels through time too and effs ...
Comment on SoulCalibur V Roster Confirmed, Devil Jin is Customization Option
Is there any footage of the alterante Patroklos and Pyrrha? If Pyrrha Omega is less whiney I might actually use ...

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