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Comment on Thumb Wars: Ep 39: Sonic: The Once & Future Hog
I got into the series through Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Sonic Heroes. Loved the world. Loved the characters. Loved ...
Comment on Top 10 Partners in Video Games
Why excluding Colors and Generations? Those were the two games where he did his very least. Well, at least in ...
Comment on The Top 9 Sonic Characters that Need to Retire
Maybe the reason is because I'm pretty much a fan of all the mainstream Sonic characters or the fact that ...
Comment on Top 5 Games of Year 2010
Great Benzaie. I could never make a Top 10, 8, or 5 list simply because I mostly play Sonic and ...
Comment on Sonic Colours Wii Review
The "Sonic and only Sonic" thing in the pros section annoyed me. I want to play as the others too. ...
Comment on Sonic Free Riders Review
Knuckles' voice is fine. They're all better than that cast of third rate pretend voice actors the previous games had.
Comment on Sonic Free Riders Angry Review
You must be cursed or something Joe. 2010 has been a renissance of really good Sonic games. Sonic and Sega ...

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