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Comment on Majora's Mask's Skull Kid is Coming to Smash Bros.
Having young link as a sort of Pokemon Trainer like character with Goron,Zora, Deko and Fierce would actually be very ...
Comment on BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea - Episode 1 Review
Does anyone know where I can get some art prints of Sander Cohens' painting? Those things were rad.
Comment on Nintendo Reveals Next Super Smash Bros. Character is All Fired Up
Especially when you consider the literal thousands of awesome characters that the modding community for Brawl did.
Comment on Kinect-Driven Xbox One Fighter Within Looks Too Good to be True
How the hell will they be implementing all those fancy jumps and gymnastics while also using supposed top notch motion ...
Comment on Pokemon Rumble U Captures Western Release Dates, Prices
I gotta agree with Wolf here. These are just ugly as hell. Back when the Pokemon hype started we had ...
Comment on July PlayStation Plus Instant Collection Titles Revealed
I think I've just been exposed to too many mediocre flash game tower defenses to have given this one a ...
Comment on July PlayStation Plus Instant Collection Titles Revealed
So far its been the terribly stupified Fable 3 and some common tower defense game.
Comment on Deadpool is AWESOME!
I just finished the game, and I've got to say damn fine job High Moon. The comedy keeps its pace ...
Comment on Deadpool is AWESOME!
And preferably played by not Ryan Renolds.
Comment on Bioshock Infinite DLC is Still Being Worked On
I hardly think they'd do it, but a Vigorless prequel of DeWitt's war time could be a potential route, but ...

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